Eff You Thunder!

14 Jul


For those of you who have not seen the film “Ted,” my title is a direct quote from the foul mouthed, but ever so cuddly teddy bear film.  I have been wanting to see this movie since I saw the previews (aside from Magic Mike which I am still dying to see and would guarantee a harmless visit to the strip club afterward).  The point is, “Ted” is a must see film.  If you enjoy television programs that bring the family closer such as “Family Guy” then this film is right up your alley.  In other words, if you are a conservative stickler who cannot handle humor then steer clear from this film.  I literally laughed obnoxiously throughout the film.  I clapped my hands, slapped my thighs and stomped my feet in sheer enjoyment.

I followed  the film with a first time visit to a place called “Rollbotto.”  A sushi joint that has ridiculously great prices and amazing sushi to more than fulfill your appetite. (I have a huge appetite).  It’s located in Saint Petersburg, FL and they should make it a law to try the sushi there. (I’m no sushi expert, but if my taste buds tell me I’m eating something amazing I go with it).  The point is go there, eat there, live, love and enjoy sushi damnit!

Afterward, I went to a magical place where only the craft beer Gods go to dump their high abv’s all in one place and the alcoholic warriors go to enjoy them.  I am all for supporting local anything and so should you! ( I feel like Colbert)  The point is, this place has all craft beer, great service and a funky atmosphere with art that I do not understand.  #amazing. Yes, I just used a hashtag on wordpress.  #getoverit #don’ttakeurselfsoseriously #itwillcatchon I may sound way too positive in this review/experience, but I assure you when I do not enjoy something I speak on it.


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