How “Wrapping It Up” Can Get You “Locked Up”

13 Aug

It seems Evelyn Lozado and Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson butted heads (pun intended) recently leaving Johnson in jail on domestic abuse charges. The newlywed couple had just been official a little over a month. Allegedly Lozado found a reciept for condoms in the trunk of Johnson’s car. The discussion turned into a heated argument into which Johnson butted Evelyn’s head leaving her with a 3’laceration on her forehead. Lozada claims that Johnson became upset, grabbed her, and head-butted her. Lozado says Johnson yelled:

“I don’t give a (expletive)! I don’t give a (expletive) about my career!”
Lozada then walked to a neighbor’s house and waited for them to come home before calling the police.
Johnson’s account is rather different. He claimed that Lozada head-butted him, which caused the three-inch laceration that was visible on her forehead. He also said that she yelled “(Expletive) it!”

Listen, as a female, a human being, nobody wants to be cheated on. (Keep in mind that cheating is open to interpretation). However, I’m pretty sure there was a discussion between Evelyn and Chad about this very subject on an episode of “Basketball Wives” on VH1. Chad admitted that monogamy was something he had trouble with because of being on the road all the time and so he and Evelyn came to an understanding. The “understanding” was that Evelyn would allow him to sleep with other women as long as he “wrapped it up.” Viewers of “Basketball Wives” quickly judged the couple and felt they were okay with an open relationship. Although, this may have not been exactly the way they intended their agreement to be interpreted. Click on the link below to see the “understanding” and see what you conclude.

Chad Johnson — Condom Use was Plot Point on ‘Basketball Wives’

This is where I become confused, look around, and hope that the person nearest to me has the same look on their face.  Why is she so mad?  She agreed to this type of relationship and I know it’s easier said than done, but if so then why marry a man like that or stay in that relationship.  There may be more details to this story (I am not condoning any abuse on women) than reported so far, but if this is the meat of the story I cannot side with Lozado on this one.  Lozado is known for being a hot head.  I am the first to say I think the woman is gorgeous, curvacious, funny and damn near flawless.  However, the girl has a temper, is irrational more times than not, and uses her fist and words to beat people down to nothing.  Jennifer Williams might just agree with me on this one.  I just hope she is telling the truth when she says Johnson head butted her because she has made sure to leave Johnson with nothing to his name.


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