How To Break The Ice

5 Sep

I don’t know about you, but I find it so difficult to break the ice with new people. It is just an awkward meeting of trying to get to know someone as well as keep them entertained. I always hated it in college when the professor would say, “Now everyone make a group of five people.” I would dread looking around the room to ask someone if I could be in their group. Men probably have it worse though. Men have to go up to women and figure out a way to impress them just enough not to be blown off and walked away from. If a guy ever approaches me I always give him a chance to speak to see what he has to say. If he is not entertaining or rude, I politely say goodbye and walk away.

Call me old school, but I could never make the first move sober. The pressure and fear of rejection is just too great.

Men if you want to break the ice, say something funny. Women can’t resist a funny man. Also, buy her a drink because many women will stick around a little longer if you do.

Until I figure it out for myself, I will continue to use my drug of choice,alcohol. It always loosens me up and even makes me think I’m fluent in Spanish. The point is if you’re looking for an ice breaker, drink alcohol or be funny.

My name is Brittany Gonzalez and I think I approve this message. I also think I’m drunk.


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