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Halloween At Guavaween

31 Oct

This Halloween I was an Irish Latina and therefore confused. This was my first Guavaween experience and of course this year the parade was banned. However, it didn’t matter because my friends and I were going to have a blast anyway!

From left to right: Burlesque girl, door man, Astronaut, and Soldier

Astronaut photo bomb in the back!

Chuckie in the middle!!! She stayed in character all night STABBIN’ ERR’BODY!

Just guess what the costume could have been 😉


That Puff Man had NO CHANCE against Chuckie

So after Chuckie stabbed er’body and the Puff Man, we went to get pizza and lived happily until morning time when our hangovers kicked in. We got through the night with most of our costumes still in tact and I can’t wait to do it all over again next week! (Yes I know Halloween is over, but WHO CARES!)


Until I’m Escorted

31 Oct

Until I'm Escorted

Hurricane Sandy Is A Rude Guest

30 Oct

Hurricane Sandy Is A Rude Guest

Hurricane Sandy thought it would be okay to just drop off her shark friends in Atlantic City. The good news is sharks don’t know how to unlock doors.

Hurricane Gangnam Sandy?

30 Oct

The best part about Gangnam Style is that you don’t need power to do it. EFF YOU HURRICANE SANDY!

Conclusion: Birds Don’t Care

29 Oct

Pelican Don’t Care

29 Oct

Pelican Don't Care

“Sports are for MEN”- Sexist Pelican

Meet Mr. Tea

29 Oct

Meet Mr. Tea

“The Ideal Tea Companion” for people who prefer it when company can’t talk back.

Zombie Drive-Thru Prank

29 Oct

After the gruesome cannibalism incident in Miami happened, I don’t blame people for really freaking out when they see zombies. This video is pretty funny though.

Three Pumpkins, One Winner

29 Oct

For the first time in the 23 years I’ve been alive, I carved my first pumpkin.  Not only was it my first pumpkin, but my first pumpkin contest as well so the pressure was on.

This was the picture I chose

We started with beer 🙂

Opponent #1

Opponent #2


Possibly More Racist?

25 Oct

It’s such a close interpretation of our culture it’s as if Wal-Mart grew up with us in the layaway department.

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