Happy Birthday! You Pay Now.

15 Oct

Recently one of my good friends had her 25th birthday, but I missed it because I was on the cruise.  I had to make up for it so my boyfriend and I planned a surprise party for her.

We booked a night at this awesome hotel beach spot at the Postcard Inn to celebrate by drinking and going to the beach trying not to drown.  I would describe the Postcard Inn as an artsy, unique, hotel right off the beach.  Anyway, she had no idea we were taking her there!

I had to work that day so I rushed to the Postcard Inn right after to decorate the room.  Here is how it looked in the works:

One of the walls. I added the tiki lights 🙂

Came with a couch! I added the tree :O)


This was her bed. (It was a 2 bedroom)

My favorite part was how I decorated this wall. It’s beautiful right?!

She walked in and was so surprised!

We had a great time.  We drank, danced, ate at the hotel restaurant called Beachwood Barbecue (the food was insanely delicious) and walked on the shore line after.  My only problem with the Postcard Inn is they had no hot water!!!  Taking a shower in the morning was difficult.



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