What If Money Was No Object?

15 Oct

Living solely for money is no way one should live. You can live life any way you choose, but are we really “choosing” when everything has a price tag?

One of my former Sociology professors (who helped me see light in this dark world) posted this on his Facebook page, “Journal of a Mad Sociologist.” The concept of the video is the idea of how people would live if money were no object. I asked myself the same question and decided I would continue to pursue my dream of being a radio personality, (which already has a starting pay less then what I would make serving at a restaurant) but I would travel so much more.

Of course, money is what enables us to do the things that we love and there will never be a time when money is anything but an object.

The problem is that many of us find ourselves blurring the line between “working to live,” and “living to work.” Most people don’t want to work to live, but the way our society works forces us to live this way.

The world continues to move forward when you stop and take a break. We all know this. Being left behind is never a comforting feeling to anyone and so we find ourselves trying to keep up and not only keep up, but be ahead of the rest. This is how we find ourselves living to work.

I have found myself a victim of this. Waking up just to work and make money everyday. Thankfully I knew better to go to college and finish. In the process of trying to find a career, I can’t help but find myself finding ways to make money and not sitting back put time into my well-being.

It’s a work in progress, but I can say I am working to live for the most part. I was always taught that if you do what you love, the money will follow and I believe it to this day.

What would you do? Any thoughts on the video?


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