Two Angles of the Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercut

17 Oct

Many thoughts come to mind when I see this video. The way this bus driver hit this woman will NEVER be justified. However Shidea Lane was acting obnoxiously, antagonizing the driver, and putting everyone’s lives in danger.

The driver was driving while Lane continuously called him names and even put her hands on him first. Lane allegedly spit on the driver as well which is disgusting. Lane could have prevented this from happening had she just sat down, paid or got off the bus. I don’t believe she deserved to be hit like that. The driver could have removed her from the bus other ways even if that meant grabbing her arm (in the heat of anger).

I’ve seen this type of situation too many times. Women want to act like dudes and think they can just put their hands on men expecting no consequences.

I had a personal encounter with this very same type of situation. One of my best friends loves to fight for small reasons. If someone accidentally pushed her in the club, you better believe words will be exchanged.

One night she punched an approximately 280 lbs 6’3 man while we were driving in a car (the guy was a friend of a friend and somehow these two didn’t get along). From the backseat of the car she repeatedly punched him in the face and finally we restrained her.

The man tried blocking her hits until we finally dropped him off. Before he got out the car, he began to pretend to apologize, smack her in the face and run toward his house. She quickly followed after him. All I could do was jump out and run after her begging her to get back in the car.

I ran up to his driveway only to find him body slamming her on the cement. These images will never fade from my memory. They finally let go of each other and when she was too tired to fight back, she let go of him and he ran inside his house.

I don’t believe he should have hit her the way he did, and I still think he could have subdued her had he just wrapped his arms around her tightly. However, she allowed the situation to escalate so violently.

Men and women both need to find a way to keep their hands to their self and physical violence would no longer be an issue.


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