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$7 Cup of Starbucks Now Available: May You and Your Bank Account Enjoy

28 Nov

Just when I thought Starbucks couldn’t get more expensive, they accepted my challenge.  Introducing the newest premium coffee, the “Costa Rica Finca Palmilera” made from a rare, heirloom, hard-to-grow coffee varietal called “Geisha.” This rare bean runs $40 for a half-pound bag or $7 for a grande. Ta-Daaaaaaaa…?  Ummm…I don’t get it.  Okay so I understand that the beans are hard to grow and it’s rare and all, but seriously?  $7?  I wonder if you could tell the difference between the premium coffee and the regular?  Jimmy Kimmel put it to the test.  You can probably guess the outcome.

I Want To Bury A Dog

27 Nov


In the beach sand!  Trust me, this way is much more fun, less offensive and it saves you jail time!

Street on My Toast

27 Nov

After you fight the rats off the other end, it tastes pretty good.

The Best Christmas Gift

27 Nov

Every year some new gadget comes out and everyone has it on their Christmas list. Whether it’s a new phone, tablet, laptop, the Sham Wow 😛 etc… we get caught up in the next “best” thing that our children and selves need to have. I am not a fan of this. I remember every Christmas throughout high school and college my mother would buy me a new cell phone and I would always ask why. I would say, “Thank you, but mom I don’t need this.” I never understood the necessity of buying things that ironically aren’t necessary. Yes, I wanted clothes for Christmas, but I never wanted the most expensive name brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and so on. I just wanted affordable clothes that I would wear until they fell apart.

So what is the best gift you can give someone this Christmas? It’s simple. A beautiful, life enriching, book. A book can take you to the most peaceful places or the most unreal places if you’d like. It helps your mind grow instead of just be. They say we are what we eat, but I say we are what we read. Some of my most vulnerable moments of questioning who I am as a person were answered through books. I thank my professors who introduced me to the books, “The Four Agreements, Soul of A Citizen and now, “The Book of Awakening.” I recommend them highly if you seek enlightenment, growth and purpose

May today be a day worth remembering!

Georgia On My Mind

26 Nov

Hey Everyone! I have been away for about a week now due to my vacation to Blue Ridge, Georgia. I just got back yesterday and can’t wait to share the experience and photos with you all! This was my first Thanksgiving away from my family and my first time in Georgia. It was hard not spending it with my family because my sisters were going to spend it without my mother as well. However, I made a promise to be there with them for Christmas so I think it’s a fair trade.

We drove almost 9 hours to get to Georgia from St. Pete and it was terrible. My legs kept falling asleep, I couldn’t sleep, I had to stop at a disgusting gas station that…well you be the judge
Yea…disgusting, I know.  It would have been cleaner for me to pee in the sink.  Anyway after 9 hours of driving we finally arrived at our destination and the uncomfortable car ride proved to be well worth it.

We arrived just as the sun was going down and I couldn’t have felt more humbled by this beautiful Earth we get to live on.  In this moment, all the stress, worries, short-comings and regrets didn’t matter.  We were there.  Sigh….

I’m having trouble sending the photos to my e-mail to upload so I will post those as soon as I can.  Until then, happy to be back!

Latin Night

14 Nov

This is pretty much how every man looks on Latin night.

We May Never Know, Charlie

14 Nov

I don’t know why I picked the name Charlie, but I think it suits him. That being said, life is depressing.


No Discount For You Old Man!

14 Nov

And this would be my 100th post!

Opening A Portable Night Club

13 Nov

There is no cover, just need gas money.  Also you have to keep the noise down so the neighbors won’t call the cops.  Also, the max capacity is 9 people (not including the DJ and I) so come correct!


Grandma’s Necklace

13 Nov

Because a nice heart is too mainstream.

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