Something You Might Want To Let Your Partner Know

6 Nov

A Chinese man divorced and sued his wife for having an ugly baby which he claimed could not be his because who the hell wants to believe they created an ugly baby. By the way, if you see your newborn child and can still decidedly say he/she is ugly, then that baby has to be ugly.  I can say that because I was an ugly kid, but I digress… After the paternity test proved he is the father, the wife then admitted she had invested $100,000 in plastic surgery.  I still don’t think this man had the right to divorce and sue his wife just for…(sees before and after picture)

Before and After Plastic Surgery

Oh….well okay I see why he’s pissed.  WOW.  She really went through a transformation…Okay, so maybe she should have told him, “hey babe, I got a little work done on my eyes, chin, jaw, nose, cheeks and basically everything that I was born with.”  The point is, if he married her just because he met  her when she was beautiful, then that is his fault for marrying based on looks.  I want to see how this man looks for him to think he has the right to divorce AND sue her over this.  The saddest part about this story is he sued and won the case awarding the husband $120,000 in damages.


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