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The Party Just Got Started

19 Dec

peeYou can wear fancy hats, vests and dresses, but you can’t take away the fact that you’re drinking Bud Light in a parking lot.


Is That Cake?

18 Dec

cakeThe daily struggle.  I seriously have cookies on the counter AND cake.  I’m trying to get my body fit for one reason: to look good for the Winter Music  Conference in March.  Don’t get me wrong here, I am doing it the right way.  I am using the workout program “Insanity” and eating much healthier along with cheat days.  Therefore, even though my reasons are vein, I’m doing it the right way and as a result I expect to continue this healthier life style forever.  It never gets easier but the motivation of being fit for this conference has been the only thing keeping me going.  My advice to you is as long as you are getting your body right the “right” and healthy way, then so what if it’s to fit in that little black dress.  Whatever motivates you, DO THAT!



Vegetables Are Scary

17 Dec

scary babyShe is this scared and she hasn’t even had to eat them yet.  Damn you vegetables!  Damn all your nutritional values!

When Do Failures Become A Sign To Move On?

17 Dec


Have you ever seen someone fail at their dreams time and time again?  Do you know someone who tries and tries in hopes that one day their hard work will finally pay off but much time has passed and it hasn’t?  Maybe this person is yourself.  Maybe, you have found yourself reaching for your dreams only to find yourself further away from them from when you started.  When we meet our obstacles and those obstacles bull doze over us we must ask ourselves are these failures a sign to move, put on hold or pursue something different.

The answer to this question is just as difficult to answer for yourself, as it is to answer for  others.  Society tells us that we need to jump over those obstacles and that those obstacles must overcome, but what about when those obstacles always win.  They say, “you never know until you try.”  What do they say when you have tried and failed again and again?


Let me state that having goals and dreams are absolutely necessary.  Goals and dreams are necessary because what follows is purpose.  Humans need purpose.  However, in that same sentence, dreams and goals can become destructive.  What do you do when your dreams hurt others?

For example, a parents dream is to own their own business, but they are putting more effort, time and money into that then caring whether their child is in school, feeling loved and paid attention to.  They continue to try and make this business work, but are failing.  The child wakes up in the morning and must make the decision them self of going to school that day or not because the parents are out of state trying to make their business work.

Now what?  This dream seems to be getting in the way of the responsibilities of being a parent to growing teens who are still trying to figure out who they are and what is right and wrong.  When your dreams out weigh your responsibilities, you may need to reevaluate your dream or put it on hold.  Let’s keep it real here, nobody wants to believe they’ve dreamed too big or wants to put their dream on hold.  After all, we aren’t promised tomorrow or even today.  I will say though, that I am a big believer and want people to be rewarded for their hard work, but sometimes that isn’t enough.  You may need to move on to something else in the mean time.  At the end of the day, you have to sacrifice for the things that are most important to you.

Just an ittybittybee thinking out loud

Valuable Lessons

11 Dec


Don’t punch holes in cats. Instead try poking holes in the box. You’re welcome!

The Dirty Thirty And What Ever Rhymes With 25!

10 Dec


This past Friday we threw a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend and his sister’s boyfriend.  It was the big 30 and 25!  We wanted to throw them a party that would be something different.  What the hell do you do for someone on their 25th and 30th?  Well we decided to make the theme their favorite thing in the whole wide world: CRAFT BEER! The theme was craft beer and cheese.  We found some great ideas on the internet and made our own version of them!  Here are some of the pics!

The cake his crafty sister made!!!
download (1)

The classy Natty Ice cake we made!


The home-made photo booth (his crafty sister made)

Only the coolest baby ever!

This is the birthday boy who would NOT shave his damn face! Sigh…

The token white people at the party! 😛

The other birthday boy!!!
This photo was randomly sitting outside the house while we were all partying…

76713_10151360748803278_612296145_nThe night ended with a bunch of drunkenness.  We were all plastered.  The guys loved it and we were just happy everyone enjoyed themselves.   I wish we could do it all over again and now that I think about it…we can!


Goldilocks Grew Up So Fast

5 Dec

hair no words

Not Acceptable Vs Acceptable

4 Dec

Not Acceptable:
dog in a baby carriage

Acceptable: beer baby

Know the difference!!!

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