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Just In Case You Ever Get In A Fight With An Armed Baby

28 Jan

Is Technology Killing Courtship?

22 Jan

My boyfriend sent me an article titled, “Is Technology Killing Courtship?” Before I read the article I thought about the question and my answer. In asking this question, one is saying that courtship is practically dead and is technology the biggest reason why. Technology is not killing courtship, people are.

Technology is the means to which can kill courtship if allowed. A guy could easily only interact with a girl through text and Facebook messages. It is up to the girl to accept that or not. I have met a couple guys that had five to six words max, including contractions to their vocabulary and they were just there for looks. I am guilty of allowing this, but it’s really all I wanted at the time. I used to just hang out with this guy not expecting it to turn into anything serious. Don’t get me wrong, he took me out to eat, drink and go swimming because I’m still a lady. They just weren’t intimate dates. I was happily single. Don’t judge me!

However, there are females that are actually looking for a long-term relationship and allowing a text/fb only interaction. Don’t give me that, “but maybe he’s shy or intimidated,” bull sh*t! He needs to man up, call you, hear your voice and ask you out on a real date damnit. Your first “date” should not be at his house!!! That is NOT a date ladies. Hanging out with his friends as your first meet up isn’t a date either!

All I’m saying is, technology can completely kill courtship, but only if allowed. You get what you give. If you’re giving the thumbs up for the voiceless interactions then that that is what you’re going to get!

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22 Jan

I couldn’t help but be brought to tears. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a man
that unfortunately many of us never got to meet, but still holds a big place in our hearts. A man of character, good will, courage, clarity, a dreamer, and a man who took action when others stood still. I will forever be grateful for such a man.

Sloth Attack!

17 Jan

You can totally see the sloth coming.

Mission Impossible: The Prequel

17 Jan

It’s crazy how the grown up carrying him didn’t even set off the alarms!

That Voice That Can Always Put You At Ease

16 Jan

Ray_Lamontagne_by_teezayyyRay Lamontagne truly has that voice that can sooth the soul at any given moment. If you have ever felt lost or incapable of gaining control, his voice can help bring you back to reason. We all go there. We entrap ourselves in our own mind with no end in sight void of hope. Then you hear his voice. That soft, sweet voice full of the clarity you have been searching for.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Hug Your T.V Challenge

9 Jan

It’s nice to know America is passionate about the right things.

What Your Symptoms May Be Telling You

9 Jan


Woman Thinks She Made Up “Old Mc’Donald Had A Farm.”

8 Jan

I’ve FINALLY found someone to appreciate Louisiana hot sauce as much as I do. Thank you for your mindfulness God, and thank you for bacon vodka, snuggies, and sporks.

Kim Kardashian Gets Served With A Big Piece Of Truth

8 Jan

kim kLet’s be honest. The woman has gotten around, but ain’t nothing wrong with some delicious cake in your mouth. I can’t even be mad at her hustle!

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