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2-Year-Old Bedtime Bandit

28 Mar

He would have really gotten away with it if he didn’t feel the need to blast music while he does it. Pshhh. Amateur.

Pugs Bunny

28 Mar

Clara hates her owner, but it’s totally worth the hate. I now want to breed pugs and bunnys. I would ask you if that makes me crazy, but I don’t care.


Girls Be Like

21 Mar

Girls Be Like

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Some of us are still there!

Sloth Hug Those Simple Moments

11 Mar


Never mistake simplicity for complacency.  Complacency is something I don’t believe in.  In life we have been and will always be faced with pain, fear, and doubt.  It is up to us to change our perception and face all the discomfort life brings us.  However, when life is simple you should welcome those moments of simplicity with open arms because when life is hard, it is really hard.  Yesterday I went to Clearwater Beach, Fl and the day was simply beautiful.   The sun was out,  the wind blew just enough, and we ate and drank at Hooters before heading out to watch the sunset.  I was with one of my best friends and we laughed plenty and read to each other like nerds. My life is constantly up and down and although I’m working my way through it, I damn sure sloth hug those simple moments.

sloth hug

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