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Started As A Baby (Diss To Drake)

27 Apr

He. Spits. Hot. Fiyah! Truer words were never spoken.

Fast Food Self-Order Kiosks

27 Apr

No, this is good. I like to be in full control of my diabetes and health decline.

Creative Street Dance

27 Apr

It’s as if the two guys on the ends aren’t real!

Drunk Skrillex Dancing

27 Apr

Well now I’m upset that he didn’t actually fall….

Some Sexumacation

27 Apr

I hate it when I don’t know the power of my own vagina.

Worry About Yourself!

23 Apr

If my parents cut my hair like that, I would tell them to worry about themselves as well!

Who Else Knew Rosetta Stone Was A Black Woman?

23 Apr



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