Judge Makes ‘Morning After Pill’ Available To All Teens

8 Apr

A New York judge has lifted the ban that prohibits teens under the age of 17 to buy the morning after pill without a prescription.  This is a step forward I am happy we are taking.  I am not saying that teens should have sex frivolously with no fear of consequence, however if they find themselves in an emergency situation they should be able to buy this pill.  Unfortunately not every teen has a parent or parents that is willing to talk about sex with them and parents are not going to take it lightly when they do engage in sexual activity. This is why so many teens find themselves needing to buy the pill in the first place.  They don’t know about sex, so they experiment and when they end up pregnant they can’t go to their parents because they know that they are going to get their a** beat. My mother never spoke to me about sex. The only conversation I had with my mother about sex pretty much went like this:

Minus the “take some rubbers” and “please,” part. JUST DON’T DO IT! Thankfully growing up helping her raise my four younger siblings was my birth control. I saw her struggle and new that was not the life I would ever live. Even though that was my experience, I see the benefits in parents talking to their kids about sex and being open about it. The conversation is going to be awkward at first, but then at least your teen will be safe when they do engage. Face it, teens WILL find a way to have sex if they want to. I knew preacher’s daughters who had plenty of sex and everyone knew except the parents. You cannot keep your teens from having sex, and you do not have to condone it, but you damn sure owe them the information if you really do not want them to end up making a mistake.


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