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Free Drink Etiquette

31 May

Last weekend was Memorial Day and my friends and I went to Hogan’s Beach in Tampa and the place was packed! As soon as we got there a shot was waiting for us (we took shots before we got there too). We walked in and the party was poppin’! The House music was blasting, good looking people and hot messes everywhere, and the sun was shining. Perfect day. There was no way the day could get any better. Anyway, toward the end of the day this guy bought my friend a drink like guys usually do and she thanked him for it. He stayed by her side after buying her this drink and grabbed her drink to take a sip of it. My other friend and I saw this happen and gave each other the, “did he just do that?” look and let it slide. Not even 3 minutes later this guy took ANOTHER damn sip of her drink! She was not having it and tried to walk away, but ladies you can’t expect a man to go away after buying you a drink! Hell no, they are going to stay by your side until you are either ready for the next, or coming home with them. She became real short with him and tried to walk away from him, but every attempt failed! He made sure not to lose her and tried to take one more sip of her drink before she just said you can have your drink back. He tried to tell her no, but she was forced him to keep his drink. It just made me wonder if we were out of line for thinking he shouldn’t be taking sips from a drink he bought her even though he paid for it. I have never had this happen to me so what do you think? Was he wrong or right for that?

This is one hot mess we found
girl at party

When Animals See Themselves In Mirrors

31 May

This is how I react when I wake up the next day after partying too hard.

Dude Took A Selfie On Nicki Minaj’s Booty

29 May

selfieShe ain’t even know it…

NYC Psh Prank

29 May


The Most Uninterested Baby In The World

29 May

Jonas hasn’t been the same since he got his heart broken.

Girl Looks Like A Baked Potato

20 May

baked potato

I would do a side by side, but I’m pretty sure everyone knows what a baked potato looks like.

Cute Target Commercial

20 May

This damn commercial just warms my damn heart.


You Still Have To Take The Stairs

14 May

You Still Have To Take The Stairs

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