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Kitten Refuses To Give Back Stolen Money

26 Jun

This kitten reminds me of my family, but with guns and knives.

DOMA Is Dead But More Progress Is To Be Made

26 Jun



DOMA is dead and we are one step closer to true equality!  I am so happy to see things turning around for the gay community even though it has been long overdue.  It blows my mind to even think this is still an issue.  It’s like when gas gets up to 4 dollars and then lowers to $3.40 and people become relieved forgetting that gas used to be a dollar and change per gallon.  From what I understand, married, gay couples will still not be fully recognized and honored on their benefits in states that do not allow same sex marriage.  This saddens me.  I do however, hope and have faith that this victory will pressure and sway the government to make ALL states equal.

More info here

Tips To Traveling With People

19 Jun

I just got back from traveling to Chicago with a group of people for the first time and I quickly saw how traveling with a group could have run smoother if certain topics were discussed before hand. I had a wonderful time in Chicago don’t get me wrong, but damn there were times when I wanted to just go off on my own. There are many problems that can arise when different people come together so I thought I could put together a precautionary check-off list to make a traveling experience that much better.

1) Don’t Travel With Broke People:
Unless you’re willing to pick up the brunt of the communal tabs, don’t do it! I don’t care who has more money, the services that everyone uses should be close to equal i.e. taxis, tipping, hookah, liquor. As a great philosopher once said, “if you ain’t got no money stay yo’ broke ass home.”

2) Be clear on the itinerary:
Make it a point that everyone read the itinerary and come to an agreement that everything on the itinerary must be followed through on unless they are dying. The itinerary is made so that everyone gets the best experience of the place they are visiting so NO, YOU CAN’T HAVE CHIPOTLE JUST BECAUSE IT’S CLOSER!

3) Take a copy of the itinerary with you:
Having the itinerary in hand will help remind everyone of where they need to be and it gives everyone the chance to make time to get from point A to B. It also can save money if you can take the bus over a taxi.

4) Don’t travel with lazy people
Lazy people are the worst people to travel with because they will be late, willing to miss out on the experience and too lazy to tell everyone they aren’t going to go until the last minute.

5) Voice your opinion on inconveniences
Some people forget that they are holding everyone else up. For example, someone forgot to bring a jacket so they try and spend 40 minutes in Marshalls while everyone is waiting around to see the city. Someone should let the person know nicely that AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

Follow these tips and you should have a decent time.  Here’s a photo of my bubba,  Bogey before we flew to Chicago 🙂


2 Chainz Robbed At GunPoint

10 Jun

2 chainzz

According to TMZ, 2 Chainz was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight Sunday in San Francisco. At the time of the robbery 2 Chainz was with his entourage (14 people) who decided their lives were more important. The entourage scattered leaving 2 Chainz to fend for himself. Next year 2 Chainz should ask for real friends and not big booty hoes!!!!

Where ya real friends at???

The Kewlest Clubber

7 Jun

I would let this kid into the club always.

A Much Needed Dose Of Cuteness

4 Jun

The Day I Saved A Turtle

3 Jun


Today I saw this poor turtle crossing the road in heavy traffic. I swerved my car around it, pulled over and ran to the road to move it out of harms way! The people in their cars who saw what was happening honked their horns as a way of thanking me and I swear that turtle smiled at me! Except that I continued to drive and none of this happened. But I’m sure that’s how it would have went down if I did pull over to save it.

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