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Tina Fey’s Daughter is For Sure A Sociopath

23 Aug

At first I thought too soon to tell, then I realized for sure her daughter is a sociopath. Lol I love Tina Fey and this is hilarious!

What Rhymes With Hug Me?

23 Aug

robin thickeI was browsing through the  interwebs when I came across this website that answers Robin Thicke’s thought provoking question in his “Blurred Lines” song.  A line in this song asks, “what rhymes with hug me” and while one thought came to mind for me (because my mind always goes there) (shut up, you know what I’m talking about) (don’t judge me) (pretty sure this many parenthesis isn’t grammatically correct) it turns out there are many things that rhyme with hug me that make a lot of sense!

Click on this link and you’ll see what I’m talking about! 🙂

Watch The Gay Bashing Westboro Baptist Church Get Served By Ke$ha [Video]

22 Aug

I like Ke$ha even more now!

Sometimes It’s Okay To Give Up

5 Aug
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