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Why You Need Beer and Coffee In Your Life

21 Feb




How does one moderate?  I think if you carry a notepad with you moderation won’t matter.  *Walks away with martini in hand and notepad in other*

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Woman Condemns You To Hell If You Don’t Give Her Free Meal

21 Feb


I am not making this up.  A Florida woman allegedly skipped out on her $18.46 restaurant bill and gave the cashier two options: Give her a free meal or go to hell.  Ruthena Lewis, 44,was accompanied by her mother at the A&G restaurant in Winter Haven, Fla.  Lewis then took her mom to the car and re-entered the restaurant to pay with a credit card, but the card was DECLINED!  DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT TAKE THAT TO-GO BOX WITH YOU.  The A&G cashier Crystal Henson told police that Lewis held the cancel button down when the charge was being processed.

 According to the police report, Lewis then gave Henson a choice: If the meal was free, Henson would go to heaven. If she insisted on running the card through, “She would go to hell.”  Lewis then slipped the cashier the business card of her church’s bishop and said to call him and he would pay for it and left.  

The restaurant didn’t bother to call the bishop and instead called police.  Lewis and her mother were arrested a short time later, reported. They were charged with misdemeanors and later released.

And get this, Lewis had $80 cash on her according to the police report!  The only person going to hell is Lewis for lying!

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