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7 Reasons to Swear

3 Apr

I have been waiting for this study to f^cking come out for the longest! I have always said that swearing is motherf^cking therapeutic. This is f^cking awesome!!!

Ja Rule at HOT Throwback Spring Break

3 Apr

This past weekend HOT 101.5 threw an awesome Spring Break event and brought back Ja Rule (Murdaaaa). This was my first HOT event that I attended as an employee and it won’t be my last!   Keep in mind this was a “throwback” event and so of course Ja Rule was perfect for it. But you can’t ever forget that Ja Rule used to be the dude.  My friends and I got to meet him personally and even though he didn’t say much to us, he was nice enough to take pics with us. Here are some pics from that night:ja







Ja Rule


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