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What Rhymes With Hug Me?

23 Aug

robin thickeI was browsing through the  interwebs when I came across this website that answers Robin Thicke’s thought provoking question in his “Blurred Lines” song.  A line in this song asks, “what rhymes with hug me” and while one thought came to mind for me (because my mind always goes there) (shut up, you know what I’m talking about) (don’t judge me) (pretty sure this many parenthesis isn’t grammatically correct) it turns out there are many things that rhyme with hug me that make a lot of sense!

Click on this link and you’ll see what I’m talking about! 🙂


We Can’t Stop- Pet Parody

12 Jul

I want to dance with puppies!

Bridget Kelly Performs “In The Morning”

19 Apr

This is my first time hearing of Bridget Kelly and I’m in love! She reminds me of a mixture of Monica and Alicia Keys while still being her own. Looking forward to hearing more of her.

That Voice That Can Always Put You At Ease

16 Jan

Ray_Lamontagne_by_teezayyyRay Lamontagne truly has that voice that can sooth the soul at any given moment. If you have ever felt lost or incapable of gaining control, his voice can help bring you back to reason. We all go there. We entrap ourselves in our own mind with no end in sight void of hope. Then you hear his voice. That soft, sweet voice full of the clarity you have been searching for.

Opening A Portable Night Club

13 Nov

There is no cover, just need gas money.  Also you have to keep the noise down so the neighbors won’t call the cops.  Also, the max capacity is 9 people (not including the DJ and I) so come correct!


The History of Misheard Song Lyrics

6 Nov

They forgot to do the “Star Spankled Bander.” I still don’t know all the words to that song!


It’s Only Right Someone Falls Down

24 Sep

Oh the irony! I replayed this clip 10x already. Yes, it’s still just as funny. They should do this at every performance.

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