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Mother’s Day Gone Wrong

13 May

7 Reasons to Swear

3 Apr

I have been waiting for this study to f^cking come out for the longest! I have always said that swearing is motherf^cking therapeutic. This is f^cking awesome!!!

Ja Rule at HOT Throwback Spring Break

3 Apr

This past weekend HOT 101.5 threw an awesome Spring Break event and brought back Ja Rule (Murdaaaa). This was my first HOT event that I attended as an employee and it won’t be my last!   Keep in mind this was a “throwback” event and so of course Ja Rule was perfect for it. But you can’t ever forget that Ja Rule used to be the dude.  My friends and I got to meet him personally and even though he didn’t say much to us, he was nice enough to take pics with us. Here are some pics from that night:ja







Ja Rule


10 Signs You’re Not Ready For Kids

20 Mar

But really I only needed one sign…my bank statement.

Denver TV Show Airs Penis Pic

18 Mar

A Denver TV show accidentally aired a huge penis photo when scrolling through Twitter live on-air. They’re reactions are huh-larious! This is something you need to learn now. NEVER, EVER EVER EVER, scroll through the internet blindly with people you barely know. I’ve heard so many horror stories of friends of mine showing strangers pictures on their phone and all of a sudden this stranger knows exactly what you’re working with!

Click here to see the video!!! (Link NSFW)

Lady Gaga Gets Puked On… Purpose

14 Mar

lady g

Ermmm….What in the actual hell? Lady Gaga performed at her SXSW concert and had her “friend,” Millie Brown vomit colored liquids onto her body while performing. Brown is a “vomit-painter.” (Who the hell knew that was an occupation?) Anyway, Brown chugged a green liquid on stage while Gaga banged it out on the drums and then Brown walked over and stuck her fingers down her throat and made sure she vomited all over Gaga. They then got on a bull together and straddled each other. I just want to believe that this is Gaga art, but it’s hard to see this as art that is respectable. I would say the general consensus on vomit is that it’s disgusting and so if Gaga decided to smear feces all over her face, is that supposed to be artistic too? I really do respect Gaga’s talent. However, I find it hard to believe that this is really who Gaga is. She has always been different, I will not argue that. But vomit? I feel like she is just trying to top herself so much so that even degrading herself to being puked on is worth the attention… I love you Gaga, but this is too much!

lady 2

lady 3


The “M” is For McFly

13 Mar

But like, where ya shoe game at?

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