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10 Signs You’re Not Ready For Kids

20 Mar

But really I only needed one sign…my bank statement.

Denver TV Show Airs Penis Pic

18 Mar

A Denver TV show accidentally aired a huge penis photo when scrolling through Twitter live on-air. They’re reactions are huh-larious! This is something you need to learn now. NEVER, EVER EVER EVER, scroll through the internet blindly with people you barely know. I’ve heard so many horror stories of friends of mine showing strangers pictures on their phone and all of a sudden this stranger knows exactly what you’re working with!

Click here to see the video!!! (Link NSFW)

Not Acceptable Vs Acceptable

4 Dec

Not Acceptable:
dog in a baby carriage

Acceptable: beer baby

Know the difference!!!

How Everybody Looks At Space Night Club In Miami

5 Nov

If you have ever been to “Space” in Miami, then you know exactly what I am talking about. Let me be the first to say I’ve never tried Ecstasy and the only drug I’ve ever done is alcohol, but I have plenty of friends who have. My point is, majority of the people at Space are rolling and while some are great dancers, most of them look like this. Space has given me some of the best memories of my life and I love that place! The resident DJs are awesome and the acts they bring always deliver. It’s been a while since I’ve gone, but any time away from Space is too long.

Why Mondays Aren’t So Terrible

5 Nov

See all of the above.

Every week it’s the same thing; people complaining about how the dreadful Monday has arrived and the work week has begun. I am guilty myself. However, today I realized that my house isn’t flooded and then I was like, “you know what Monday, you’re not so bad after all.”

Cake Day After 21

1 Nov

Growing up friggin sucks until you actually get your career going. I just graduated, turned 23 and I’m like “WHERE DID MY LIFE GO? I HAVEN’T EVEN LEARNED HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE ENCHILADAS, MY LIFE IS OVER.” Until the day that I’m successful and strangers know my name, I will fear every year that is my cake day from now on.*Sigh*


Until I’m Escorted

31 Oct

Until I'm Escorted

Hurricane Sandy Is A Rude Guest

30 Oct

Hurricane Sandy Is A Rude Guest

Hurricane Sandy thought it would be okay to just drop off her shark friends in Atlantic City. The good news is sharks don’t know how to unlock doors.

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