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7 Reasons to Swear

3 Apr

I have been waiting for this study to f^cking come out for the longest! I have always said that swearing is motherf^cking therapeutic. This is f^cking awesome!!!

A Healthy Hangover?

12 Apr


Apparently there are cocktails being mixed with super healthy juices and they’re calling it “juicetailing.” How I understood this is like it’s turkey bacon. It’s not all that healthy for you, but it’s healthier than greasy, crispy, delicious, mouthwatering bacon. It’s already happening in the high-end bar scene which means us poor folks may not see it on a menu until the recession is over. I’ve never juiced before so I’m not sure how it actually taste, but if it tastes like a Bloody Mary, then I will take a refreshing mojito please and thank you.

Here is a picture of bacon just because!

Is That Cake?

18 Dec

cakeThe daily struggle.  I seriously have cookies on the counter AND cake.  I’m trying to get my body fit for one reason: to look good for the Winter Music  Conference in March.  Don’t get me wrong here, I am doing it the right way.  I am using the workout program “Insanity” and eating much healthier along with cheat days.  Therefore, even though my reasons are vein, I’m doing it the right way and as a result I expect to continue this healthier life style forever.  It never gets easier but the motivation of being fit for this conference has been the only thing keeping me going.  My advice to you is as long as you are getting your body right the “right” and healthy way, then so what if it’s to fit in that little black dress.  Whatever motivates you, DO THAT!



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