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Mother’s Day Gone Wrong

13 May

10 Signs You’re Not Ready For Kids

20 Mar

But really I only needed one sign…my bank statement.

Just In Case You Ever Get In A Fight With An Armed Baby

28 Jan

I Want My First Child To Be British

11 Oct

Seriously, what is it about British kids that everything they do is so cute that you can’t be mad at them? A British kid could literally set my baby puppy in the oven at approximately 475 degrees and I would just have to hear the kid say “you need to toughen up” (in British accent) and I would be like, “you know what you’re right.” All would be forgiven.
Maybe I shouldn’t get a British kid…

Maddie is dumb.

13 Sep

Well that’s no way to talk about your kid. “Maddie stop eating your hair!” Okay maybe.

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