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10 Signs You’re Not Ready For Kids

20 Mar

But really I only needed one sign…my bank statement.


The “M” is For McFly

13 Mar

But like, where ya shoe game at?

A Huge Target Fail

13 Mar


This is no joke. This image made it on to the Target website. There are so many things wrong with this photo, where do I begin. She has one longer arm then the other and it’s a hell of a lot skinnier. The inside of her arm is missing AND half her crotch. I feel like this is a troll, but sadly it’s not. I HATE how much photoshopping is done to women and men in photos. I don’t want to see something that isn’t real in magazines or on webpages. Give me real! What could have been so wrong with this young girls body that they photoshopped her so terribly??? RIDICULOUS! I’m so worked up I’m going to go eat a bag of cookies!


The Bathing Suit Piece You Want…

8 Apr

bathing suit

to turn guys off and stay single forever.

Judge Makes ‘Morning After Pill’ Available To All Teens

8 Apr

A New York judge has lifted the ban that prohibits teens under the age of 17 to buy the morning after pill without a prescription.  This is a step forward I am happy we are taking.  I am not saying that teens should have sex frivolously with no fear of consequence, however if they find themselves in an emergency situation they should be able to buy this pill.  Unfortunately not every teen has a parent or parents that is willing to talk about sex with them and parents are not going to take it lightly when they do engage in sexual activity. This is why so many teens find themselves needing to buy the pill in the first place.  They don’t know about sex, so they experiment and when they end up pregnant they can’t go to their parents because they know that they are going to get their a** beat. My mother never spoke to me about sex. The only conversation I had with my mother about sex pretty much went like this:

Minus the “take some rubbers” and “please,” part. JUST DON’T DO IT! Thankfully growing up helping her raise my four younger siblings was my birth control. I saw her struggle and new that was not the life I would ever live. Even though that was my experience, I see the benefits in parents talking to their kids about sex and being open about it. The conversation is going to be awkward at first, but then at least your teen will be safe when they do engage. Face it, teens WILL find a way to have sex if they want to. I knew preacher’s daughters who had plenty of sex and everyone knew except the parents. You cannot keep your teens from having sex, and you do not have to condone it, but you damn sure owe them the information if you really do not want them to end up making a mistake.


My Bike!

1 Apr

walking dead bike

2-Year-Old Bedtime Bandit

28 Mar

He would have really gotten away with it if he didn’t feel the need to blast music while he does it. Pshhh. Amateur.

Sloth Hug Those Simple Moments

11 Mar


Never mistake simplicity for complacency.  Complacency is something I don’t believe in.  In life we have been and will always be faced with pain, fear, and doubt.  It is up to us to change our perception and face all the discomfort life brings us.  However, when life is simple you should welcome those moments of simplicity with open arms because when life is hard, it is really hard.  Yesterday I went to Clearwater Beach, Fl and the day was simply beautiful.   The sun was out,  the wind blew just enough, and we ate and drank at Hooters before heading out to watch the sunset.  I was with one of my best friends and we laughed plenty and read to each other like nerds. My life is constantly up and down and although I’m working my way through it, I damn sure sloth hug those simple moments.

sloth hug

Just In Case You Ever Get In A Fight With An Armed Baby

28 Jan

Is Technology Killing Courtship?

22 Jan

My boyfriend sent me an article titled, “Is Technology Killing Courtship?” Before I read the article I thought about the question and my answer. In asking this question, one is saying that courtship is practically dead and is technology the biggest reason why. Technology is not killing courtship, people are.

Technology is the means to which can kill courtship if allowed. A guy could easily only interact with a girl through text and Facebook messages. It is up to the girl to accept that or not. I have met a couple guys that had five to six words max, including contractions to their vocabulary and they were just there for looks. I am guilty of allowing this, but it’s really all I wanted at the time. I used to just hang out with this guy not expecting it to turn into anything serious. Don’t get me wrong, he took me out to eat, drink and go swimming because I’m still a lady. They just weren’t intimate dates. I was happily single. Don’t judge me!

However, there are females that are actually looking for a long-term relationship and allowing a text/fb only interaction. Don’t give me that, “but maybe he’s shy or intimidated,” bull sh*t! He needs to man up, call you, hear your voice and ask you out on a real date damnit. Your first “date” should not be at his house!!! That is NOT a date ladies. Hanging out with his friends as your first meet up isn’t a date either!

All I’m saying is, technology can completely kill courtship, but only if allowed. You get what you give. If you’re giving the thumbs up for the voiceless interactions then that that is what you’re going to get!

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