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Denver TV Show Airs Penis Pic

18 Mar

A Denver TV show accidentally aired a huge penis photo when scrolling through Twitter live on-air. They’re reactions are huh-larious! This is something you need to learn now. NEVER, EVER EVER EVER, scroll through the internet blindly with people you barely know. I’ve heard so many horror stories of friends of mine showing strangers pictures on their phone and all of a sudden this stranger knows exactly what you’re working with!

Click here to see the video!!! (Link NSFW)

The Price Is Right’s Contestant Wigs Out!!!

7 Nov

I don’t know this woman, but I NEED to meet her!!! Listen, I am down with the chocolate chick movement people!!! Yassssss

Hilarious Parody of Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home”

7 Nov

We Can’t Stop- Pet Parody

12 Jul

I want to dance with puppies!

Started As A Baby (Diss To Drake)

27 Apr

He. Spits. Hot. Fiyah! Truer words were never spoken.

Woman Thinks She Made Up “Old Mc’Donald Had A Farm.”

8 Jan

I’ve FINALLY found someone to appreciate Louisiana hot sauce as much as I do. Thank you for your mindfulness God, and thank you for bacon vodka, snuggies, and sporks.

Latin Night

14 Nov

This is pretty much how every man looks on Latin night.

Conan and Sarah Silverman Corrupt an Innocent Child

12 Nov

It’s all fun and giggles until they go to church on Sunday…VUH-GINUHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown and/or Explode

8 Nov

All…these…years…I have been eating fries and burgers wrong. I think back on all the ketchup wasted and it brings a single tear to my eye. Thank you ketchup guy, thank you very much.

How I Feel When Everyone Talks Politics

7 Nov

Guy vs. Goat. Goat wins every time.

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