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Lady Gaga Gets Puked On… Purpose

14 Mar

lady g

Ermmm….What in the actual hell? Lady Gaga performed at her SXSW concert and had her “friend,” Millie Brown vomit colored liquids onto her body while performing. Brown is a “vomit-painter.” (Who the hell knew that was an occupation?) Anyway, Brown chugged a green liquid on stage while Gaga banged it out on the drums and then Brown walked over and stuck her fingers down her throat and made sure she vomited all over Gaga. They then got on a bull together and straddled each other. I just want to believe that this is Gaga art, but it’s hard to see this as art that is respectable. I would say the general consensus on vomit is that it’s disgusting and so if Gaga decided to smear feces all over her face, is that supposed to be artistic too? I really do respect Gaga’s talent. However, I find it hard to believe that this is really who Gaga is. She has always been different, I will not argue that. But vomit? I feel like she is just trying to top herself so much so that even degrading herself to being puked on is worth the attention… I love you Gaga, but this is too much!

lady 2

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