The “M” is For McFly

13 Mar

But like, where ya shoe game at?


2 Chainz Robbed At GunPoint

10 Jun

2 chainzz

According to TMZ, 2 Chainz was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight Sunday in San Francisco. At the time of the robbery 2 Chainz was with his entourage (14 people) who decided their lives were more important. The entourage scattered leaving 2 Chainz to fend for himself. Next year 2 Chainz should ask for real friends and not big booty hoes!!!!

Where ya real friends at???


You Still Have To Take The Stairs

14 May

You Still Have To Take The Stairs


The Dangers of Heroin…

9 Apr

The Dangers of Heroin...

They lead to MySpace


My Bike!

1 Apr

walking dead bike


Girls Be Like

21 Mar

Girls Be Like

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Some of us are still there!


How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

8 Jan

How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

You’re Welcome.


Goldilocks Grew Up So Fast

5 Dec

hair no words


No Discount For You Old Man!

14 Nov

And this would be my 100th post!


Until I’m Escorted

31 Oct

Until I'm Escorted

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