The Dirty Thirty And What Ever Rhymes With 25!

10 Dec


This past Friday we threw a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend and his sister’s boyfriend.  It was the big 30 and 25!  We wanted to throw them a party that would be something different.  What the hell do you do for someone on their 25th and 30th?  Well we decided to make the theme their favorite thing in the whole wide world: CRAFT BEER! The theme was craft beer and cheese.  We found some great ideas on the internet and made our own version of them!  Here are some of the pics!

The cake his crafty sister made!!!
download (1)

The classy Natty Ice cake we made!


The home-made photo booth (his crafty sister made)

Only the coolest baby ever!

This is the birthday boy who would NOT shave his damn face! Sigh…

The token white people at the party! 😛

The other birthday boy!!!
This photo was randomly sitting outside the house while we were all partying…

76713_10151360748803278_612296145_nThe night ended with a bunch of drunkenness.  We were all plastered.  The guys loved it and we were just happy everyone enjoyed themselves.   I wish we could do it all over again and now that I think about it…we can!


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